Business Coaching

Board members, business leaders and functional managers are constantly focussing on business objectives and boosting business results. With those challenges comes significant issues. We manage both as a business performance gap.

Firstly, we support you to assess and qualify the performance gap, using simple methodologies that have been successfully practised over the last 10 years.

It covers short to long term horizons, connects suppliers and customers, builds upon operational and financial practices, and it integrates people and organisation dimension.

The next step is to define a plan to bridge the performance gap and we partner with you to implement the plan by means of Coaching. The coaching is aligned to clear business milestones and performance indicators.
Our coaching approach is very much inspired by sport and athletes and then applied in business. Do you think an athlete or a team can become a champion without coaching?
The same for your business!

We develop businesses by developing people

Laurent Troger 

Phase 1: Understanding the Issue and Developing the Plan

Assisting business leaders to baseline the issue, we, first of all, take a rounded approach to the specific challenges, by reviewing the following focus areas:

  • Short and long-term business views
  • Key performance indicators (KPI’s)
  • Internal and external influences
  • People and organisation.

Furthermore, we assess key success factors and road-blocks versus business objectives. Finally, we translate the results into a business coaching plan with key milestones.

Phase 2: Implementing the Plan

Supporting you to utilise the tailor-made business coaching plan to compliment your business strategy, we work in partnership with you throughout the implementation phase. The programme is regularly reviewed and updated to meet the business needs and ensure success.

We work flexibly with you both onsite and remotely.

Above all, our aim is to be your long term strategic business partner, therefore enabling your company to grow in a stable development cycle.

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