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Executive Coaching helps leaders to achieve their true potential

Executive coaching starts with a conversation between an Executive and the Coach.  This all-important step is to baseline the coaching objectives versus the business challenge.  This phase often incorporates a psychometric assessment to assist in shaping the objective.

These SMART objectives are Executive specific and cover hard and soft skills development, relationships with stakeholders, organisation culture and business environment.

The Coach builds a coaching programme structured around 1-2-1 sessions with a clear roadmap, versus the agreed targets and key success milestones. The Executive often invites the coach to attend sanity checking sessions, where the coach observes the Executive in their role and usual environment.

Our aim in Qi Performance is to support leaders to be the best version of themselves

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Our Offering

We offer Executive Coaching across 5 distinct streams of activity; each one structured to take into account the various demands leaders encounter. Download a copy of our guide to get full details on each.

Trusted Confident / Sounding Board

As a critical enabler in supporting leaders to address the vast complexity associated when working at senior to very senior levels or in high complexity roles.

Performance Growth

Supporting the Executive to address specific performance growth objectives.  Solutions are tailored to meet the leader where they are at and the interventions incorporate skills development as well as behavioural change.


Promotion requires a leader to adapt their skills to their new role.  This programme does exactly that, assisting Executives to understand and adapt to their new leadership mandate.

First-Time Leader

Supporting first-time leaders to be successful in their new role.  Creating awareness of what great leadership looks like and then working with them to become exactly that – a great leader.

Executive On-boarding

Joining an organisation at an Executive level is one of the most difficult transitions any Executive can make. This comprehensive programme brings clarity to what is needed from both the company and the new Executive to ensure a successful transition.

Download Our Executive Coaching Brochure For More Information

We live in a world where there is constant focus and expectation around performance. Either you need to maintain results at the same level or, more likely, you need to improve results from where they currently are.

In the guide to Executive Coaching, we’ve set out the five individual streams for which Coaching is a useful intervention. The guide explains what the different streams are and what you should take into account when using a coach-based solution.

To download the guide, simply click on the button below.

Executive Coaching Brochure

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