Managing Leadership Capability – explained


Leadership Capability is a mix of technical skills, cognitive abilities, behavioural traits, practical experience, and educational/professional qualifications that together represent what you need in place to achieve your performance objectives.

To what extent do you know your actual leadership capability and any potential gap versus your objectives? What plans do you have in place to either develop this capability or to close any gaps?

Managing leadership capability is an evolving set of disciplined practices that helps you to structure and implement individual and collective development programmes to address your leadership capability gap versus your performance objectives.

We have developed the following practices, resulting from our experience in dealing with global and local organisations. We’ve made them pragmatic and fit for purpose.

Our Offering

Role Scoping Job Profiles

In our experience organisations find it very difficult to define the scope of an Executive’s job and to then define what attributes are necessary for someone to be able to perform in that job. However, this is a critical component in managing leadership capability.

At the Executive level, as a minimum, we create a job description and person specification – this is the Yin and Yang of a role with one setting out the purpose of the job and key activities to be carried out and the other detailing the experience, knowledge, behaviours, and skills necessary to be able to do the job.

If we are partnering in the hiring phase, we go one step further and we build a full role profile.  Beautifully presented in a brochure which, in turn, assists recruiters in the candidate attraction stage.

Recruitment Selection

We support you to define and execute a recruitment selection process that ensures you are taking a robust approach to assess a candidate’s suitability to undertake the role you’re recruiting for.  Comprising structured interviews and assessments, this bespoke process enables you to confidently make objective and informed decisions

Managing Performance

We help you to set up, or refine, the “what and the how” of managing leadership performance in your company.  We encourage you to keep this simple –  focus on what a person does, how well they are doing it and how they are behaving versus what you need them to do.

We don’t advise on supporting technology – that’s not our area of expertise but we can put you in touch with people who do.

Managing the Leadership Talent Pipeline

Ensuring you have the right people in leadership roles requires a focus on both the short and longer-term.  In the short-term, it’s about getting consistently impressive performance from your existing leaders, whilst making sure there’s a clear succession plan for those critical roles in the business.  And then thinking longer range, we help you identify and nurture future talent.

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