In the simplest of terms, this focuses the leaders of any team on identifying and delivering the critical people actions needed to deliver both today's and tomorrow's results.

Leadership Capability Management (Introduction):

A key question for you – ‘Are your existing leaders, strong performers, who you would pick again, given the choice?’ If they ARE, how do you continue to optimise their abilities, further strengthen their contributions and maintain their commitment in the organisation? If they are not, how clear are you on what you want instead and what you are going to do about it? Using our approach to Leadership Capability Management, you will ensure that you have the right team to deliver both today’s and tomorrow’s results.

So whether it’s a full end to end Leadership Talent Strategy that you need support with, or if you have a more specific leadership performance requirement, Qi brings pragmatic professional business partnering support. Click on the link below for more details about how it works or take our quick self-assessment to see how effectively you are driving yours and your leadership teams capability.

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