Organisations perform better with effective teams

Facing increasingly complex challenges, teams have become multi-functional, with members operating in more than one team and often in global networks. So, managing the team’s evolution from forming to performing requires more support for both new and existing leaders and new and existing teams.

Our Team Coaching starts with a SWOT assessment of the team effectiveness level.  It continues with a coaching programme structured around team sessions and refined through feedback sessions with the team leader.

Team sessions address the typical dysfunctions found in teams, creating awareness of behaviours to be improved and fostering individual and collective changes in the team.

Performing teams and their leaders integrate the Coach as part of the team.

How does Team Coaching work?

Our Offering

Driving Organisation Performance Through the Power of Effective Teams

Our gold standard programme takes a team through a comprehensive team effectiveness programme. The main aim is to improve the team’s effectiveness as a ‘team’ so that they can drive organisation performance.

Programmes are usually 6 – 12 months long, however, this depends on the individual needs of the team we’re working with. The programmes include 1-2-1 coaching as well as Team coaching and integrate psychometric assessments to aid in the design of the programme.

Energy Leadership

This is one of our favourite Team Coaching programmes.

This is a unique offering underpinned by a revolutionary approach which reveals the team’s thinking and behavioural preferences and how this, in turn, impacts long-term performance both positively and negatively!!! With additional insights informing how the team behaves when they are experiencing a stress reaction, this is an exceptional programme supporting transformational change.

Bespoke Team Coaching

We also support Teams with short term or one-off team coaching. These are more suitable for addressing short term needs or as an enabler to a wider company programme.

Typical examples include creating a team charter, improving working relationships effectiveness, building trust, improving communication, overcoming conflict and breaking down barriers to supporting the team to go through organisation and culture change.

Download the Brochure “Driving Organisation Performance Through The Power of Effective Teams”

Driving Organisation Performance

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